Restaurant Asia Prinz, Asian food with delivery service in Cuxhaven and the surrounding area.

The restaurant offers a wide variety of Asian dishes. Stunning dining experience. Chinese and Asian food is very nutritious and delicious, healthy too.

Phone number delivery service: +4947216653995

Sunday is a day off!

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Culinary Asian diversity.

The Restaurant Asia Prinz offers delicious dishes from the Asian region.

The food is always freshly prepared.

The salads are hearty and tasty.

The Asia Prince always offers delicious Chinese delicacies as well as other delicious Asian food.

Thousands of years old traditions and food culture make Asian food particularly delicious and tasty.

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Delivery service for Cuxhaven.

The Restaurant Asia Prinz offers a delivery service for Cuxhaven and the surrounding area.

The food is always fresh and hotß delivered.

Just call the delivery service and enjoy it at home.

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Restaurant Asia Prinz with delicious Asian and Chinese food in Cuxhaven.